Saturday, 8 December 2007

... and now live from Hartlepool Council Chamber ...

It’s not all toil at the political coalface for us Councillors. Just returned from as very pleasant evening at the Camerons Club in Waldon Street. A fundraiser for the Christian Aid Christmas Appeal and the Greatham Sports Field Association. A local band “The Hobbies” were playing and they were very good. Their website ( says they have only been together for a year. They started playing as a hobby (hence the name) but are now getting gigs and from what I could see of them they are really enjoying themselves. Good luck to them in the future.

During the evening I chatted with Jason Anderson, of Radio Hartlepool, and congratulated him, again, on the award of the licence. Their website ( is currently under development but will no doubt be ready to rock and roll when the station goes fully live. I suggested to Jason that Radio Hartlepool might like to broadcast Hartlepool Council Meetings, possibly late evening as something that would help people drop off to sleep. As we talked it actually started to seem more and more like a good idea, whether this is a result of the beer we had consumed I couldn’t say. However I do think I might see what the reaction to the suggestion would be should I raise it at next week’s Council Meeting!

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