Friday, 28 December 2007

Can anyone tell me again how EU Membership helps our “Peace and Prosperity?”

Christmas, a time of peace and goodwill. Peace is one of the twin arguments used to justify EU membership. According to EU supporters only membership of the EU has been able to suppress war and conflict in Europe. The pro-EU lobby forget about the UN and of course NATO and its role in keeping Europe free from war, even though the French put national interest first and refuse to join. Being in the EU didn’t keep the UK out of a war in Iraq that has been going on longer than World War Two.

The second argument is the EU is needed for increased European Prosperity. However, the Norwegian President recently admitted his personal dream of Norway joining the EU is dead and buried. Recent polls show less than 1 in 3 Norwegians in favour of Norway joining the EU. This is despite warnings of dire economic repercussions for staying out before the last referendum, where Norwegians voted down membership for the second time. The reason Norwegians want to stay out? Their county and their economy are doing very well on its own, thank you.

Outside the EU Norway enjoys peace and steadily increasing prosperity. Norway controls its own economy, borders, fishing and immigration. Inside the EU we have British soldiers killed in Iraq, financial crises, open borders, unlimited immigration, loss of our national fishing grounds and ever increasing regulations from Brussels destroying our international competitiveness. Can anyone tell me again how EU Membership helps our “Peace and Prosperity?”

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