Sunday, 9 December 2007

Points or Freeze.......

The introduction of a points system for immigration was a policy of the UK Independence Party for many years. Of course UKIP Policy is now a five year freeze to allow the social and economic infrastructure of this country to deal with the millions of immigrants already here. However, the fact that the Labour Government has announced the introduction of a points system only puts them about five years behind UKIP so there is hope the LIB/LAB/CONs will one day catch up to UKIP.

The Labour spin machine however is still in full swing as the points system applies only to immigration from outside the European Union. Migration from within the EU is still totally uncontrolled.

Have you noticed the clever way the spin machine is trying to separate the two issues on "Immigration" and "Migration" when to the man (or woman!) in the street the two issues are synonymous. A long as this country stays within the European Union then we will have an open door for "migrants" from Rumania and Bulgaria and once Turkey joins the EU there will be 60 Million Turks also given the automatic right to "migrate" to the UK.

Most people I speak to are actually less worried about immigration than they are about migration. When you talk about immigration and dig right down it is actually Islamic fundamentalism that is the issue. When you talk about migration it is the economic and social impact of unlimited Rumanians and Bulgarians that is mentioned.

However, if the Nu Labour Government can adopt one UKIP Policy then one day they might adopt more and revert to their previous opposition to the Federal European Superstate and accept this country would be better off out.

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