Sunday, 9 December 2007

Enjoy alcohol in moderation

Here is a snippet that is just too good not to pass on. I of course cannot vouch for the accuracy of the report as after attending the Headland Memorial Service on 11th November I went home for my Sunday Lunch.

However, after the service outside the Civic Centre it is undoubtedly true that all Councillors were invited to enjoy the hospitality of the Coast Watch at the former Hartlepool Yacht Club Building. I know this for a fact as I received an invitation myself but as I was attending the service on the Headland and the new footbridge is not yet in place I was unable to make it to the bash.

Several Councillors did go along and after allegedly consuming considerable quantities of complimentary alcohol, a small group of Councillors moved on to The Clarendon in Whitby Street to continue their drinking session. By this time one Councillor in particular had allegedly gone a few over the eight and when a fellow customer at the bar complained to the Councillor that he was standing on his foot the worthy local representative apparently suggested in return that the customer went and got fu*k*d.

Facing the possibility of a hospital appointment for the inebriated Councillor, it must have appeared discretion was the order of the day and it was time to move on to the Park Hotel. Unfortunately by the time the group reached the Park Hotel the whiskey drinking Councillor was reportedly 'out-of-his-head'. This may have contributed to his decision to ask the leader of his own Labour Group to come outside, allegedly with the aim of kicking his effing head in. At this point I was told the landlord of the hotel barred the Councillor from the establishment.

The merry group then reportedly made their way back to their respective homes having full-filled their civic duty. The Councillor at the centre of these alleged high jinks is, wait for it, a member of the licensing committee and is up for re-election next year. As far as I recollect he was also banned from driving after being found to be over the limit outside the home of Hartlepool’s previous MP. That ban of course has now been completed and the Councillor is back behind the wheel perfectly legally.

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