Sunday, 16 December 2007

Answers.....No:1 The Anhydrite mine

I asked three questions at full council on 13th December . The Labour group generously allowed answers to be given to these questions but didn't allow any debate or challenge to take place. I wouldn't be surprised to learn the Labour Group are working on a method to even block questions at future meetings. After all politicians are masters at not answering and evading questions but just think how much easier it would be to just not have any questions asked in the first place.

The first question asked the Mayor to update the Council on the
Anhydrite mine Investigations. These apparently continue to move forward, all be it slowly. Site work was unexpectedly extended due to a deep band of gravel that was not detected in preliminary work. The rotary drilling system initially used was unable to cope and a slower more traditional technique of percussive drilling had to be used. Site work is now complete; an interpretive report will be with the Cabinet in February followed by public consultation/briefing in March. Council Officers have done their very best to move it along as fast as possible and would like me to pass on the Council's thanks to the residents for their co-operation and patience throughout the whole process.

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