Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Growing presence on the web

For several months I have run a daily Google alert on "UKIP". When I started this (in fact checking back it was nearly three years ago), the Alert might pick up a news story, article, blogspot, etc with the UKIP tag once or twice a week. Today the list of hits rand to several pages, too many to actually look at them all. I have however picked up a new link for my own blog after discovering a blog by "Greg Beaman, UKIP PPC for Wyre and Preston North" Greg being the UKIP Organiser for the North West. I look forward to reading his ramblings; sorry I mean "concise political insights"

The other heartening thing to see was a link to a story in the Newcastle Journal on-line from the UKIP PPC in Berwick on Tweed, Michael Weatheritt. He has picked up on the fact that you are charged to park at a hospital when visiting a patient but you can park for free for as long as you like when visiting an inmate of one of her HM Prisons. Seems a bit unfair? Ironic that if you visit someone in hospital due to a mugging or an assault then it costs an arm and a leg to park your car. Go and visit the Mugger in prison and you can park your car for free. Of course you'd need to be quick to visit someone in prison; after all they don't seem to stay in long these days. When "Life" means 7 years then a sentence for mugging an old age pensioner is usually suspended as its not worth sending the scum down for the few hours the actually spend inside under the “revolving door” policy.

The only slight down side of the growing UKIP presence on the web is that the main news outlets and big circulation newspapers still seem to be operating a no UKIP Policy. However, as UKIP continues to grow then no doubt that will eventually change.

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