Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What you see and what you get!

The 2011 elections are now upon us. In the 2010 local elections the Labour Party stood a candidate with the same name as a long time Independent Councillor from the same ward. Labour of course denies any confusion was caused! However I think most people accept there was enough muddying of the waters to allow Labour to sneak back the seat.

There was no doubt much rejoicing in the Labour Party (and the Tories and the Lib-Dems) at my removal from the Council Chamber and I also heard there were quite a few Council Officers who were also openly delighted at my departure.

So, what a difference a year makes! The Independent Councillor, who’s name was used last time by Labour, now appears as the Proposer for the Conservative Candidate. So maybe he's not quite so independent as he's been making out all these years? Another former Independent Councillor for the ward has decide against a fourth attempt to get the seat back and instead is supporting the Labour Candidate as his proposer. There is no Liberal Democrat but one of the two independent candidates is a former councilor, for a different ward in the town, where he was, guess what, a Liberal Democrat. The St.Hilda Liberal Democrat Candidate last time is this time standing in another ward. Strange that his principles let him do that, especially as he was keen last time to point out my home address isn't in St.Hilda Ward!

There has long been a question mark in my mind over the true allegiances of some “independent” councilors. In St.Hilda ward this year there are some true colours being shown and some former colours being quietly painted over. Red, blue and orange are all there under the “Independent” flag.

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