Saturday, 30 April 2011

Newcastle win Permiership Title!

Just imagine if the Premiership Title was decided by AV rather than the current unfair system where the team that wins the most games then automatically wins the Title. How biased and unfair is that? Taking today’s placings then the first team eliminated would be West Ham, then Wolverhampton and Wigan. Unlikely that these teams will give their second preferences to the likes of Blackpool, Blackburm or Birmingham. I definitely can’t see West Brom giving anything to the Brummies!

Then Aston Villa would go, unless of course West Brom and Birmingham rallied round and gave them their second preferences, which might keep Aston Villa in the race a bit longer.

Sunderland and Newcastle then next to face elimination but everyone likes the Geordies (or dislike them less than everyone else!) so maybe Newcastle will stay in and Stoke will get the push. At this point, I would think Aston Villa would run out of second choice votes. Getting serious now into the top 10. Can Fullham keep ahead of Bolton and Everton? Unlikely so they go. Newcastle still hanging in there as Everton wouldn’t give their second choices to Liverpool or a London Team!

Liverpool goes next and their second choices are between Newcastle, a Manchester team or a London team. On the basis they vote for who they dislike least it pushes Newcastle further up the ranks and Manchester City are eliminated. Their second choices are Manchester United (never in a Million years!), Chelsea, Arsenal or Newcastle. I think the Geordies would get it again. Arsenal are next to go! Choices are now Chelsea, Manchester United or Newcastle. No contest, the Geordies all the way.

The last three are Newcastle, Manchester United and Chelsea. It’s down to the second choices of the Stamford Bridge Crowd to decide between Manchester United (Who beat them for the last three seasons) or Newcastle, who never beat anyone!

So, the Premiership winners under AV are the Toon Army!

Haway the Lads!

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