Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hurworth Burn TS28 - Look it up

Well the local election campaign hasn't even really started and the mud is already being slung. The half truths, lies and misdirection have started. "Steve Allison doesn't even live in the ward. He's really from Darlington you know!" So what are the half truths, lies and misdirection in that statement

The half truth is the first part. I don't live in the ward. I haven't had my permanent home address in the ward since I got married in 1990. I did have my permanent home there for most of my life prior to getting married and have retained my business address in the ward since I first became self employed in 1986. So I am in the ward most days of the week. Both my parents live in the ward, which is another reason that I am there fairly regularly, and until they passed on, all my grandparents were residents of St.Hilda Ward. So there is the half truth.

The lies and misdirection are relating to me living in Darlington. This is not true. It is a LIE. If I was charitable I would say the misdirection is just ignorance of local geography. However, as this is politics then it is probably a deliberate error.

My home address is in Hurworth Burn. This has a TS28 post code and an 01429 telephone dial code. According to my Sat-Nav it is 8 miles from the Borough Hall and as I drive it almost every day I know it takes about 15 minutes maximum. Hurworth near Darlington has a DL2 post code and an 01325 telephone dial code. Hurworth is 30 miles from the Borough Hall.

So there is the LIE and the MISDIRECTION. I do not and never have lived in Darlington. Since the Grand Central Train Service started running through Hartlepool to Kings Cross I don't even go to Darlington to catch a train any more! I suspect the people spreading these half truths, lies and misdirection are fully aware of the real truth but then politics is a dirty game to some people and they don't care how low they go!

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