Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hartlepool Tops National Poll

The Chief Executive of Hartlepool Council is the top of the national list of pay rises for Chief Executives.

Now is this a bad thing? Hartlepool being mentioned in the national press? I'm sure the Mayor told everyone how good this is? According to him things like this are at least "putting Hartlepool on the map"

Isn't that what the Mayor says about things which cost a lot of money and are of dubious benefit to the town. It's all worth it because it puts Hartlepool on the Map! What are the hidden, intangible benefits of having a Monkey Mayor, a massively in the red Tall Ships Race and the Chief Executive with the fastest rising salary in the country? I'm sure the Council will tell us soon?

Every councillor is now claiming they didn't support the wage rise! Is there an election coming any any chance?

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