Saturday, 2 April 2011

Over the top lads!

I completed my nomination form yesterday so it looks like my name will be on the ballot paper for St.Hilda Ward on 5th May.

Hartlepool politics of course are a perfect illustration of what is wrong with our system. I always thought in politics you were supposed to question and test the other side's proposals, look for weaknesses and ways to improve their ideas or suggest alternatives that would lead to what you would see as a better result for the town and its residents. This testing and probing was meant to produce better decisions and avoid knee jerk reactions and the domination of political dogma over practical and realistic, workable decisions.

In Hartlepool however the political culture is to see any attempt at a contribution from the other side as a personal attack. Never mind what they suggest, just belittle their motives for suggesting it, cast aspersions on their mental capacity for thinking anything different, insult their integrity and of course accuse them of being negative and committing the ultimate sin in Hartlepool Politics "talking the town down"

Just look at how the Mayor reacts to anyone who dares to question him these days. He doesn't deal with the points made, he just goes red in the fact and unleashes a torrent of sarcasm and bile at the individual who dares to suggest there may be an alternative way of doing something.

The same for Brash and his minions.

Classic inferiority complex behaviour! The mistake they are making is thinking inflexibility and refusal to discuss alternatives are signs of leadership and decisiveness. Yes leaders need to be decisive but they also need to be adaptable, flexible and ready to innovate.

The Mayor and the Council in Hartlepool are like the Imperial General Staff during the trench war of the 1914-18 war. They are unable to see any alternatives other than going over the top again and again and again. Unfortunately anyone suggesting this might not be the best tactics is guaranteed a place in the first wave in the next big push. The Mayor and Council have no real new ideas or radical thinking but they will make sure no-one who does is ever allowed to come forward and challenge them.


  1. You will lose.

  2. Thanks for that comment. You are possibly right. Shame you don't have the balls to put your name to your prediction!

  3. Some pillock belonging to the political party whose councillors have shown to have no balls on their own and need a crowd of bullies around them. Of course I mean Labour.
    Mad dogs, the lot of them

  4. But I understand some of them are very good ping pong players?