Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hartlepool Mail Profile

Need to submit a 200 word profile and a photograph to the Hartlepool Mail today. This was the piece that last year the Labour candidate didn't have time to do! Of course that helped to maintain the illusion that he was the Independent John Marshall! Name recognition works wonders!

Anyway, here goes, 200 Words.......

For eight years I was privileged to be a Councillor for St.Hilda Ward. My priorities were to speak out for the residents, to champion their causes and to inform them what really went on in their civic centre. These will be my aims again after 5th May. Speaking out, challenging and informing is not popular with Harlepool’s political class. In 2010, I lost my seat, to Labour Councillor John Marshall. Afterwards many people admitted to confusion over the name.

I am the only candidate to use his own money to produce ward newsletters; I was the only Councillor questioning the costs of the Tall Ships; almost alone, I voted against Council Tax rises; and, despite what other candidates now claim, I was the ONLY Councillor who stood up against the spiralling wage rises for top officers.

Since my departure, St.Hilda Ward has missed my strong voice. The ward now needs someone like me to defend the interests of St.Hilda and its residents. Don’t fall for Labour, Tory or Independent spin this year. Please give me the privilege of representing your interests again on 5th May. Thank You.

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