Wednesday, 3 March 2010

You never know where things end up when you throw them out into cyberpace

They do say you never know where things end up when you throw them out into cyberpace. However imagine my surprise when I came across a piece entitled "Scrapheap Challenge" on a website relating to Hartlepool. I did in the past contribute to this website under the screen name "Steve Allison" but stopped doing in 2006 when the administrators of the site allowed it to be turned into a vehicle for personal attacks on me as a local councillor and an individual.

My "surprise" at the Scrapheap Challenge piece was mainly because it had a striking familiarity to a piece I wrote in November last year on this blog.

I have no objection to them pinching my work but if you are going to steal other people's efforts it is just courteous to acknowledge the source.

The same website are also running a piece entitled "In the Pink" which references a Freedom of Information Request on which the entire article is based! Once again it neglects to mention that it is a Freedom Of Information Request that was made by me!

Stealing stories from each other is common practise in journalism but usually they are re-written enough to at least make an attempt to make them appear to be their own work!

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