Thursday, 25 March 2010

UKIP Publishes Full Manifesto

In June 2009, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) beat the ruling Labour Government as well as the Liberal Democrats in the European elections, the most recent major national vote.

UKIP achieved 2.4 million votes and 16.5% of the national vote. The message was clear: UKIP is here to stay. Now we are asking the British people to vote in
our first directly elected Westminster MPs.

For the 2010 elections UKIP has published a full manifesto which illustrates how withdrawal from the EU can benefit the UK right across the spectrum, from immigration to crime, tax, jobs and the economy, pensions, public services, and even through to animal welfare and Post Offices. Few realise just how much the EU now controls and interferes with our day-to-day lives, despite never having obtained permission to do so from the British people.

UKIP is the only party determined to bring power and control back to Westminster and
the British people. Only UKIP will enable us to govern in the best interests of the UK.

It is time for straight talking.

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