Monday, 22 March 2010

The Caravan Channel

I fell asleep on the sofa yesterday afternoon, after a large Sunday Lunch at The Windmill (which I heartily recommend) and awoke to find myself watching a programme on SKY TV about how caravans are made.

Was it the Discovery Channel?


It was the Caravan Channel. Not just an isolated programme about caravans but a whole channel about them. It just shows you really can watch almost anything on Satellite TV.
It was edition 5/2010 I was catching yesterday and edition 6/2010 premiers on 24/03/10 on Sky 166/Freesat 402. It's already bookmarked in my viewing planner!

Just in case you can't wait until then there is a dedicated Youtube Caravan site (no pun intended) that recently boasted of it's 300,000th visitor. There review of the teardrop trailer is below.

I've not joined their Facebook Site but they are also on Twitter and I've added them as a "follow"

I must congratulate whoever is behind this site! They really seem to be a lot more plugged in to modern communication methods than many other groups!

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