Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sale of mephedrone has rocketed

Talk of an immediate ban on mephedrone by the Government is highly premature thanks to EU rules which would stall such a move.

"People haven't been informed that our government cannot ban mephedrone without asking the EU for a three-month notification period," said UKIP spokesman Nigel Farage today.

"UKIP will never accept the EU telling us what we can and cannot do. We must be free to act as we choose when we choose.

"We need a proper debate in Britain now about what we need to do. At the moment, the Government is kidding the people but it simply can't act without an EU enforced delay.

"This useless government needs to tell the EU to back-off from controlling or delaying British legislation," said the UKIP MEP for South East England.

Under the EU Technical Standards and Regulations Directive 98/34/EC the government has to give the EU at least three months notification before it can change British legislation.

"Two British teens died from taking legal drug meow meow last week, other young life has already been wiped out," Farage said.

The sale of drug mephedrone has rocketed as head shops have spread over the country.

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