Tuesday, 24 June 2008

All quiet on the blogger front

Hello everyone, sorry its been a bit quiet on the blog front recently but its been fairly hectic in the Henley Campaign Office and blogging has had to go down my priority list for a while. Last night we were all at a well attended UKIP Public meeting in Henley Town Hall. A panel of speakers addressed issues relating to the Henley by-election, the European Union and the state to politics in the UK and around the world. The meeting was opened by Steve Radford from the Liberal Party who spoke on the importance of free trade as opposed to the protectionism preferred by the European Union. Nigel Farage then spoke on the Lisbon Treaty and the importance of the Irish NO Vote. The final speaker was the Henley UKIP by-election Candidate, Chris Adams, who shared his campaign experiences and talked about issued being raised on the doorstep.

The UK Independence Party then continued with a proud tradition of throwing open the floor to the public to ask anything they liked. There are no planted questions, no set pieces and no subject is taboo. The session opened with an impassioned plea from the floor for UKIP to disband! It is not an unreasonable assumption that the question was being put by a disgruntled Tory. Nigel Farage explained that UKIP’s aim was to get this country out of the European Union. In order to do that we needed to fight elections against every pro-EU Party and that included the Tories. The questioner denied the Tories were Pro-EU but accepted it was Heath who took us in and every Tory Prime Minster from then on allowed the power of the EU to grow, up to and including the last Tory Prime Minister, John Major who signed the Maastricht Treaty. The current Tory Leader, David Cameron, is now on record as saying the Tories will not repeal the Lisbon Treaty should they win power at the next election. The feeling of the meeting was definitely that any Tory who felt the Conservatives were in any way really Euro-Sceptic was in fact fooling themselves. The Tory Grass roots might not want further integration but the Conservative Leadership was 100% united with Labour and the Lib-Dems in supporting the EU Project.

Questions then covered “What do Lib-Dems actually stand for?” (Answer of course whatever they think you want to hear in order to get your vote) through to the state road network in Henley (Answer, terrible!). Chris Adams, UKIP Candidate for the Henley by-election wrapped up the meeting at 9.00pm and about forty of us retired the Argyle public House in Henley to relax and unwind after a very successful day’s campaigning.

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