Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The biggest con trick New Labour ever pulled?

As the father of two teenagers, one of whom has just completed her AS Level Exams (in 5 subjects) and the other who is mid way through his GCSE’s (in 9 subjects) I am starting to take an great deal of notice of news concerning Universities and entrance requirements.

I was therefore interested to read that Imperial College London is trying out an entrance test for subjects other than medicine, which has one already.

Apparently all their applicants had four or five A-levels and "grade inflation" had destroyed the role of A-levels in selecting undergraduates. So many students now achieve A grades that it is impossible to use A Levels to distinguish between the “very good” and those who are only “good”.

Imperial reportedly takes 40% of their undergraduate intake from the 7% of British children who are educated in the independent sector. The Rector of Imperial College now believes we have got to do something radical about the education of the children in 93% of our schools that somehow are just not getting the education they deserve and to "save" bright children by taking them out of state schools and using public funding to support them in private schools.

Back in the dim and distant past of the late 70’s I remember struggling with my A Levels in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Occasionally you did hear of some super swot who was doing four A Levels, but in those days no-one did five! And anyone achieving 5 Grade A’s would probably have been on National TV!

“Education, Education, Education”

Is this the biggest con trick New Labour ever pulled on the British Public?

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