Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Your Knicked Mr Jazdy

A lovely snippet from the Daily Mail regarding the most reckless driver in Ireland. A Polish migrant worker, Mr Prawo Jazdy, racked up over 50 separate driving offenses in a few months in Ireland but gave a different address every time and thereby escaped justice. However, the career of this particularly dangerous driver has now come to a halt. Irish Police Officers taking down the details from Mr Jadzy's documents had been copying the name from the top right hand corner of the Polish Driving License. Unfortunately that is exactly what Prawo Jazdy means, "Driving License"

The Irish Police now have 50 driving offenses under the name of Mr Driving License all shown as outstanding on their national police computer. Unfortunately for the Irish there are about 200,000 Poles now in Ireland, none of which are called Mr License, First Name, Driving!

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