Wednesday, 25 February 2009

01429 221151

After learning about the impending demise of 101 I checked the Cleveland Police Website. Their instructions in an emergency are to dial 999 and ask for police. No mention of 112? The Cleveland Force ask that the 999 service should be used only to report an urgent incident which is happening now or one which has just occurred needing an emergency response.

If you wish to report a crime or other non-urgent incidents in Hartlepool then the number is the catchy and easily remembered 01429 221151. No mention of 101 either!

Alternatively the Public Service Desk on 01642 301207 provides general advice to members of the public on a range of police related matters that do not require an urgent police response, or ordinarily, would not require a personal visit from a police officer or community support officer.

And just to show the Cleveland Force is in the forefront of new technology an SMS Text Messaging Service will start on 22 April 2008. This service however is ONLY available to Deaf People, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired People.

Please note that on February 26th 2009 the Official Cleveland Police Website showed the SMS Service WILL START on April 28th 2008. So despite the "last modified" date on the bottom of the page being given as "12 August 2008" the website is at least 10 months out of date if the SMS Service thinks April 2008 is sometime in the future.

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