Monday, 2 February 2009

British Jobs for EU Workers

Gordon Brown’s boast of British jobs for British workers is now coming back to haunt him. He really should have said “EU jobs for EU workers” because so long as we stay with the European Union it is illegal to make any difference between British and European. Even the Government’s claims to be getting tough on immigration only apply to people from NON EU Countries. The British government cannot restrict access to British jobs to anyone from any of the 27 countries that make up the European Union. To do so is illegal!

European Union laws are now above British Law. The “law of the land” now comes overwhelmingly from Brussels and not Westminster. Don’t look to the Tories or the Lib-Dems to do anything different by the way as the big three parties, along with the Trade Unions in most cases, are 100% united in their unwavering support for the European Union Project.

At long last the poor old dumped on British public are beginning to have their eyes opened to the so-called “benefits” of EU membership. The question now is, will they have the courage, or the will, to do something about it and stop voting for the Lib/Lab/Con? There is an alternative. The UK Independence Party wants to withdraw from the European Union and once again have British Laws made by the British Parliament. It is only when Westminster is again in charge that “British Jobs for British Workers” can be something more than just a sound bite!


  1. It is only now that unemployment is affecting people that British workers are realising what it means to be controlled by Brussel laws.
    Gordon Brown cannot stop the influx of EU workers because he and his party have abdicated control of our country to Brussels commissioners (in other words non elected people such as Mandleson who now champions the EU and denigrates the British who are keeping him in the luxury he has become used to)
    Will the workers keep up the protests ? I doubt it because their Unions arer already making the right noises as dictated by the EU and are not supporting their own people.

  2. Jobs, Spin and videotape