Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Never mind 112, what about 101?

Hot on the heels of European 112 day comes a briefing from "publicnet" that claims the British Public are totally confused over what situations warrant 999 calls. One in four adults thinking 999 could be used to report graffiti, vandalism and other deliberate damage to property and one in five saying they would call about a stolen bike.

Almost no-one questioned had any idea how to contact the police in a non-emergency situation. More than half of adults either didn’t know their local police force helpline number or were unaware that such helplines existed. Almost 85 per cent of people also had no knowledge of the national, non-emergency 101 number that was introduced in 2006 and I must admit to being in that half myself and as a result the Home Office has decided to discontinue funding the national 101 number.

Now I thought Room 101 was where everyone faced their ultimate fears? Apparently not as a quick google of 101 emergency number did produce the above image, multilingual of course as it was produced in Cardiff.

I just wonder how many languages these "101" stickers were produced in and exactly much the failed 101 experiment actually cost? Still money no object when it comes to public safety and bank bail outs.

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