Sunday, 15 February 2009

Cowards and Liars

I normally delete anonymous comments since I think if people are not willing to put their name against their opinions then they obviously lack the courage of their own convictions, plain and simple cowards and not worth bothering with. However I will answer the anonymous person who made the following comment about my post on last Thursday's Council Meeting

He (or She) said. "What about the fact that you asked a question at Council that quoted figures that were patently untrue? You said absenteeism was running at 12%, when in fact it is 4%. How do you think that affects the workforce?"

If they had actually bothered to read the question, (or even listen to it as they were probably there), they would have seen that the figure of 12% was actually asked as a question. I did not quote it as the absenteeism rate, I asked if it was 12%. The EXACT words I used were "........absent from this, or any documents that I have access to, is any comment on the absenteeism rate at Hartlepool Council. I have some information that could show it is about 12%?"

Can you see it was a question? Probably not. As to how it effects the workforce then I would have thought having the correct figure made public can only help them since whether the anonymous commenter likes it or not more people in Hartlepool were likely to think the figure was actually 12% than 4%. However, if there is one thing I have learned about many people in Hartlepool Council Chamber it is that they don't allow little things like facts get in the way of their opinions. After all since when have Labour politicians let the truth spoil things?

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