Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Whoever gets the most votes wins!

The latest Guardian poll has the Tories on 37%, down from 45% in November, the Lib Dems up 1% to 19% and Labour’s share up 3% at 33%. "Others" are on 10% which is up 2%.

However the interesting thing to me is putting these numbers into the UK Polling Report "Seat calculator" gives the Tories 279 Seats, Labour 295 Seats and the Lib Dems 47 Seats. So despite being ahead in the votes cast the Tories would still get fewer seats than Labour who would be thirty seats short of an overall majority but still ahead of the Tories. How can that be fair?

I always used to say democracy was quite simple! Whoever got the most votes wins! Obviously that's not true in the UK anymore but then we are now in a post democratic era where voting is still allowed but isn't allowed to really influence the results.

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