Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tall Ships Briefing

It's the Member's Briefing on the Tall Ships on today and several people asked the same or very similar questions so I have summarised them into the five points below:

1) What steps are being taken to minimise the effect on the residents of the town who will need to continue their daily lives during the event?

In particular this question was raised by residents of the Headland, where traffic problems during the Headland Carnival are horrendous, and residents of Seaton who suffer during the November 5th celebrations when considerably less than 1,000,000 visitors are involved.

2) How many Hartlepool residents actually own a sea going vessel?

The reasoning behind this question apparently is that assuming its actually quite a small proportion of the town’s residents then are the Council taxpayers of Hartlepool free to assume that if we are affluent enough to spend public money on an event which caters to such a very small number of Hartlepudlians that it becomes a massive hand-out to short term visitors that there will be no increase what so ever in council tax for the foreseeable future ?

3) How many jobs are being predicted to be created by the tall ships race? How many of these will still be in existence 12 months after the circus has left the town?

4) How many corporate sponsors have been signed up and what is the split between public sector funded sponsors and private sector sponsors? What is the split in sponsorship between hard cash contributions or help in kind. (I note that the last information available on hartlepool.gov.uk on this area is some months old. (target suggested was to raise is £350,000)).

5) Hartlepool has committed a “significant” budget. What is the latest estimate regarding the actual cost of the event and what steps have been taken to limit the liability of Hartlepool council taxpayers as regards the costs of this event (Especially relevant as Hartlepool have committed to pay all invoices within 30 days of receipt).

From my own point of view I am interested in status of the Project Risk Register. What action has been taken on the top half dozen risks identified in the risk register. I have looked several times for the register on the intranet but can't find it? Also what has been the progress on the commissioning, design and production of the event prizes and Hartlepool is required to arrange at least £10,000,000 public liability insurance and indemnify the organisers and their representatives in relation to any claims arising. What steps have been taken to limit the liability of Hartlepool council taxpayers from such claims?

Should be an interesting meeting!

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