Friday, 5 December 2008

Euro Preparations Unit

Just as well there is no shortage of money sloshing around the UK Government’s coffers. There might not be enough to meet spending commitments to British Sport but at least £43million has been lavished on the Euro Preparations Unit, which exists deep within the Treasury.

Of course it is absurd for Labour to waste any taxpayer money on preparing Britain to join the Euro when that policy is adamantly opposed by the vast majority of the
British people. News of the unit’s spending comes days after it emerged Gordon Brown held secret talks with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso - and Business Secretary Peter Mandelson´s admission that joining the euro was still Labour´s long-term plan.

The contempt in which the EUrocrats hold the public was revealed at the weekend when Mr Barroso said he has discussed the UK joining the euro with "the people that matter in Britain". He said senior Government figures believed Britain would be "better off" without the pound and that UK membership was "closer than ever".

The last Commons committee to investigate the cost of Britain joining put the
total bill for the UK economy at £40billion at 2008 prices - roughly double the
total amount of Mr Brown´s recently-unveiled economic stimulus package. When other European countries changed currencies in 2002, shoppers there saw
huge increases as businesses rounded up prices in the new money.


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  2. osbourne just sacked them!