Saturday, 13 December 2008

Did I upset the Mayor? Apparently I did!

As someone has been quick to point out I've "apparently" upset the Mayor because I wasn't at the Council Meeting last night when he made his remarks about me. Well this is true, I wasn't there, I'd sent my apologies.

I was intending to be there and had submitted two questions to the Mayor to which I wanted some answers. Unfortunately for personal, family reasons I wasn't able to make the meeting and that is all I'm saying on that matter. No-one was more disappointed than me because the alternative commitment I attended did not go well and I knew that having questions down and not be at the Council Meeting to ask the necessary follow up supplementaries just gives the Mayor a free ride and the rest of the Councilors an opportunity to have a go at me in my absence. However, the battle to obtain access to the information is not lost. It is back on the Cabinet Agenda in January and the Mayor did say the report would eventually be released to the rest of the Council. Unfortunately he didn't say when nor did he confirm the report would be issued unabridged!

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