Friday, 18 April 2008

Life on an Ocean Wave

Blogging has almost stopped for the past couple of weeks. First it was getting everything sorted for the local elections, then it was helping out down in London on the Mayoral Campaign, followed by a bout of "man flu" that I'm still struggling with. Unfortunately blogging will be out of the question next week as well as I will be spending the week before the mast as a crew member on a Tall Ships Challenger. It even makes a special note in the crew handbook that there are no facilities for charging Mobile phones available on board......wonderfull......I'll even be away for my birthday on April 28th so no cake and presents for me.

I'll blog my adventures upon my return on 1st May. Until then here's hoping for a fair wind and sea room!


  1. Just remember 1 thinmg.

    "On the ocean wave" as you put it won't be in the gym or at the bar, as there most likely won't be one!! Tall Ships Challenger II is a racing vessel, and NOT a cruise ship. You WILL be a member of the crew and WILL have to work when you are there!!!

    but have a nice time. Don't throw up on deck!!

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  3. Dear me Steve, the nutty conspiracy theorists have gone into overdrive. I usually find nutters who 'discover' these conspiracies are intellectually lazy and need a nice easy reason for something, in this case the march of the EU.