Sunday, 13 April 2008

Actions Not Words

Received my St.Hilda Ward Labour Party Candidate's Election Address this week.

He is promising to "assist in the forming of steering groups to make The Central and The Headland a better place for all to live in." A couple of comments come to mind. Firstly I am sure the residents of St.Hilda Ward who reside in Bakers Mead, West View and Powlet Road are pleased to note that they don't need any special consideration. (Grammatically of course that promise should be plural as Central and Headland are two places). I'm sure existing bodies such as Resident's Associations, The Conservation Area Advisory Committee, the TMO on Central, the Parish Council on the Headland and the NAP Group will all be pleased to know another group is going to be set up to talk about things. Maybe the Labour Candidate has his slogan the wrong way round, it should be "Words not actions"

He is also promising to hold regular surgeries in both the Central and the Headland Area. Wonderful stuff! All three existing Councilors already do that so I'm not sure why he needs to promise it? Maybe his surgeries will be bigger and better? Most surgeries actually have very few people turn up, I think this is a good thing as it shows resident's can easily access their Councillors without the need of a pre-arranged time or place to go and see them. His final promise is a quarterly newsletter. Well I have been producing a Ward Newsletter for several years and I'd be happy to let him have some back copies should he like to look through them. I'd be a little bit more impressed if he had been producing and distributing a Newsletter before he was elected rather than promising to do one if he is elected.

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