Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Brown to go?

According to The Spectator Labour Back Bench MP's are giving Gordon Bron until May 2009 to improve or they will force a Leadership Election. Obviously they don't expect a General Election in 2009 if they are going to wait that long, unless they think a bounce in the polls from a new Leader might just be the thing to galvanise the NuLabour faithful (if there are any lefty?) to go out and vote in the June Euro-Elections and so they could get both humiliations (oh please I do hope so.....) over with on the same day?

A Political Betting Website is tipping Andy Burnham as a possible Labour Leader at 14/1. No mention in the betting (apart from 100/1 bar) of the MP for Hartlepool? However apart from both being 30 something I don't think there are any other common characteristics between the two MP's.

Burnham is a Cambridge graduate who has risen quite fast since becoming an MP only seven years ago. He’s articulate, self-deprecating and quite convincing.

Wright isn't (
a Cambridge graduate), hasn't (risen quite fast since becoming an MP), isn't (articulate), definitely isn't (self-deprecating) and is in no way convincing! Although I suppose he convinced enough people that the Hospital was safe so maybe I'll have to admit he's convincing enough to fool some of the people, some of the time.

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