Sunday, 6 April 2008

family sunday

As I'm going to be in London all next week I decided we would have a family Sunday. I dragged my daughter out of bed, my son away from the TV and even convinced Sandra that the ironing could wait (not that she needed much convincing). I offered RISK, Monopoly or Mah Jong. The decision was RISK which is always dodgy in my family.

Edward's tactical strength is basically zero, he just wanders round the world without any attempt to disguise his mission. As I held Australia with a gatekeeper army on Siam he just kept bashing away at me and so drained me of strength without achieving his mission. Rosie sat in North America getting 8 army re-enforcements every go until she had overwhelming strength on the board. Sandra ramped straight through South America, Africa and most of Europe before I managed to retain enough strength from Ed's bashing at me to allow me to take out some of Sandra's entrenched positions. Sandra reacted by attacking me at every opportunity. The result was Ed attacking me, me attacking Sandra and Sandra attacking me as well, but luckily she had to go through Edward to get at me. All this time Rosie sat in North America getting stronger and stronger until she burst across Europe and won the game by destroying her mother completely. Just shows that keeping your head down, provoking no one to attack you and doing nothing is not just the best policy for being a local councilor but it also works as a wining strategy in RISK.

We then had a family tennis tournament on the Wii at which the kids destroyed the parents. Followed by Wii boxing where Edward pummelled me into submission as i flailed about failing to land many punches. Apparently the Hospital A & E departments are filled on a Sunday by middle aged men with Wii Injuries brought about by being weekend Dads. I can quite believe it!

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