Thursday, 1 September 2011

Job Shares - great idea

I remember junior school maths problems about how many holes a number of men could dig in a number of days. The answer always showed the more days a man worked the more holes he could dig. Simple really!

Now try applying simple maths to the question about how many personal policies or strategies can a number of Chief Personnel Officers write in a number of days? The answer must be that if Hartlepool can share a Chief Personnel Officer with Darlington then there has not really been a full time job for a Chief Personnel Officer at either local authority. Unless of course neither has been digging as many holes as they could? Possibly that's not a bad thing because the last thing local government wants are more strategies or policies. Of course getting absenteeism down would be one thing a dynamic personnel chief might address, but no doubt she'll be too busy driving between Hartlepool and Darlington to worry about that?

How about also sharing a Director of Children and Adult Services? The current post holder in Hartlepool is going to be filling the Chief Executive’s job for six months. The job she was doing can’t be that onerous if it can be left vacant for half a year? This begs the further question of how many people at Hartlepool (and Darlington Councils) are currently being paid a full time wage for a job that only needs to be done part time, or maybe could be dispensed with altogether. Bring on more job shares I say.

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