Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Newport - Rhode Island

The boy has left New York and is now at Newport Rhode Island. Fabulous mansions, fantastic scenery and the world famous ten mile Ocean Drive make Newport, Rhode Island a must see city. From the splendour of its palatial ‘summer cottages’ to its quaint colonial streets, inviting vineyards and numerous marinas. For a glimpse into gilded age living, visit Breakers – the most opulent and elegant mansion renowned for its intricate art and craftsmanship, or marvel at Marble Cottage – a social and architectural landmark and the first of Newport’s grand residences. Both are laced with endless carpets of green lawn and beautifully manicured gardens.

Unfortunately the miles of scenic coastline are hidden by a fog bank ast the moment
Which means the claimed "rugged beauty" is not very evident. In clear weather apparently the area is ideal for sailing, riding and rejuvenating walks. For true nature lovers Newport’s sanctuaries display a wide variety of bird life and for those who want to simply relax lagoon-like Gooseberry beach is the perfect location. Other famous landmarks include Trinity Church, Redwood Library and the Gothic Church of St. Mary’s - where Jacqui and JFK were married.

UPDATE; Fog too thick to land passangers safely (Newport is a "tender" visit where the ship anchors off shore and passengers go ashore in small boasts) so Aurora has departed early and is on its way to its next port!

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