Thursday, 16 July 2009

One Down

Well, one down (The bold are my additions to the text).

Dear Steve,

I propose to disallow this question (The one relating to the Cleveland Fire Authority) for two reasons;

1. Presently the Constitution (CPR Rule 11(2)(ii)) does not allow questions beyond the 'minutes' of CFA. Constitution Committee have proposed a change, which will (hopefully) be on the Council Agenda for the 30/7/09, but which will stand adjourned without discussion under Rule 24.2 to the next ordinary meeting.

2. The question is unfair, insofar as some of the Councillors named, have yet to even attend a meeting of the CFA, owing to the Annual Meeting of the Borough Council, which made such appointments, falling nearly three weeks after the CFA Annual meet.

I would suggest that you approach each Councillor individually, for any views that they may want to express. On a personal basis, I've not heard of any such proposals, at this time.

Peter (Devlin, Chief Solicitor HBC)

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