Friday, 10 July 2009

14 Tall Ships coming next year

According to the Hartlepool Guide, 14 tall ships have already pledged their involvement in the Hartlepool leg of the Tall Ships Races 2010. The Guide then says the first of the 14 tall ships to give their verbal agreement to be part of the magnificent spectacle include:

* Sorlandet – based in Kristiansand, Norway, the 200ft ship with a capacity crew of 70 people is a Class ‘A’ vessel built in 1927.

* Christian Radich – another Norwegian 200ft Class ‘A’ tall ship in brilliant white and built in 1937.

* Stavros S.Niarchos – a Class ‘A’ brig based in Portsmouth, built by the Sail Training Association in 2000.

* Tenacious – another UK Class ‘A’ ship which is 190ft in length. Launched in 2000,it is the largest wooden tall ship to be built in the UK for over 100 years.

* Black Diamond of Durham – Hartlepool’s very own Class ‘C’ tall ship, the Farimar Trust vessel is a regular competitor in The Tall Ships’ Races.

* James Cook – named after one of the greatest sailors, explorers and navigators ever to go to sea. This vessel spends much of her time sailing in North Sea waters where the young Cook learned his sailing skills.

Do you suppose a "pledge" and "verbal agreement" are the same thing? Of course a verbal agreement isn't worth the paper its written on!

According to Hartlepool Council the town will welcome up to 100 tall ships and up to a million visitors between 7 and 10 August 2010 when the town hosts the second and final leg after the ships have sailed from Kristiansand in Norway.

Again I suppose 14 comes under the general heading of "up to 100" even if only 6 are actually named and one of those is home ported in Hartlepool anyway! Interestingly the Tall Ships Official Website doesn't appear to mention any of the "pledged" ships. The latest news on this web page is a job vacancy!

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