Saturday, 18 July 2009

Heugh Battery Trust

This afternoon I will be attending my first meeting as the Hartlepool Council's Member of the Heugh Battery Trust Board. The Heugh Battery came into existence during the 1850's when a wave of panic hit Britain which culminated when France introduced the worlds first ironclad warship sparking fears of invasion. Hasty preparations were made and many ports were given gun batteries to give shelter to the naval and merchant fleets. Hartlepool got nine guns which were placed at the Heugh, by the Lighthouse and at Fairy Cove. Fairy Cove battery did not last long thanks to being on top of crumbling cliffs but the Heugh and Lighthouse Batteries, shored up by the promenade went on to serve for 96 years and were to hold the only British mainland guns to engage enemy warships during the World Wars.

You can visit the official Heugh Battery Website by clicking here and of course you can visit the actually battery he Heugh Battery site throughout the year on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 10:00 until 16:00 with last entry to the site at 15:30. There are also special events are scheduled for days such as Bank Holidays.

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