Sunday, 17 May 2009

Park and Ride

Some time ago I questioned the figures on the budget relating to the Hartlepool Tall Ships Race and as a result of these questions it emerged that the Council were apparently pining their hopes on a £10 per vehicle fee for Park and Ride to balance the books.

Recent minutes of a meeting, where the Tall Ships Traffic Management was discussed, now reveal that it was “hoped” to keep park and ride schemes within the boundaries of Hartlepool, but sites further afield may need to be considered. Sedgefield Race Course, Durham Tees Valley Airport and Durham City Park and Ride were mentioned as possibilities. I am sure these three venues would love to provide parking for the Tall Ships Race however I doubt very much it would be free! How much of the £10 per car would be left to prop up the Tall Ships Budget? Especially after the Traffic Management Consultants have taken their £90,000 fee?

I still hope the Tall Ships Race will be a huge success for Hartlepool but at the moment it looks like there is a growing risk that the success will come at a fairly steep price for the Hartlepool Council Taxpayers!

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