Sunday, 17 May 2009

Inconsiderate and poor parking

Problem of inconsiderate and poor parking feature regularly in my dealings with St.Hilda Ward residents. Especially on the Headland where the road layouts were never intended to deal with cars, lorries and buses. People have to have somewhere to park their cars and pedestrian, wheelchair and pram users need footpaths and to be able to get on and off kerbs.

The last time I put my head above the parapet on this issue I was verbally abused at a North Neighbourhood Forum and I see why most Councillors prefer to remain silent. (Actually most Councillors seem to remain silent about everything until their Party Leaders tell them what to say!). However, it has now been confirmed that English councils are to get the power to deal more easily with inconsiderate and dangerous parking. Those authorities, like Hartlepool, which carry out parking enforcement, will be able to issue penalty charges to drivers who double park or block dropped kerbs.

The new powers mean Penalty Charge Notices can be issued WITHOUT Councils having to indicate the prohibitions with particular traffic signs or road markings. So drivers, you have been warned. From next month your local council has the power, should they chose to use it, to issue Fixed Penalty Notices without further warning!

Either a great step forward in keeping our pathways clear, OR, another way to fleece the motorist with fixed penalty fines. It all depends on your point of view!

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  1. So who is responsible for this "great step forward"?