Sunday, 3 May 2009

German tanks to roll down Whitehall

Half a century after Adolph Hitler's armies failed in their bid to conquer this country the likelihood that German Tanks will now roll down Whitehall is fast becoming a reality. UK Tank production is set to end, ninety three years after the first tanks in the world were produced by the British Army as the super weapon to break the stalemate on the Western Front. The Newcastle Upon Tyne factory of BAe Systems is set to close. With this closure will end British tank manufacturing. Any future tanks will probably have Swedish Chaises and German armament. What Hitler couldn't do to this country has been achieved by traitors within our own governments.

Traitors, who have progressively signed away British Sovereignty, British Jobs and British interests in the name of European Integration. We no longer control our own borders, we no longer control our own fishing or agriculture, we soon will no longer be able to set our own foreign policy and the Europol Police force, via the European Arrest Warrant, will soon have primacy on our streets, as indeed the European Courts already have over our justice system.

The British people rightly opposed the loss of the £ but the loss of our own armed forces to European Control doesn't seem to bother anyone. If there are two things vital to any country they have to be control of their economy and the ability to defend themselves. The ability to stage any significant defense of the realm is slipping away. If the Argentinians invaded the Falkland now can you see the European Union giving permission for us to re-take them? In the last conflict the French were supplying missiles and technical assistance to the Argentinians, remember it was French Exocets that were sinking British Ships. The Spanish too were more than inclined to take the Argentinian's side.

When were are in the position of relying on other countries to equip our armed forces we are also in the position where our ability to deploy or use our armed forces is also controlled by other countries. What is it going to take for the British people to wake up?

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