Tuesday, 27 November 2007

UKIP Alnwick Meeting tonight

UKIP Alnwick Meeting tonight for Members, Supporters and Enquirers. UKIP Alnwick is very lucky to have a dedicated meeting room provided by one of our longest standing members and the Branch is now holding regular meetings in Alnwick. UKIP Alnwick have already adopted a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election, have contested seats in the 2007 local elections and are now looking into the possibility of a Parish Poll in the Town.

Gordon Brown seems determined that the Treaty of Lisbon (The EU Reform Treaty) will pass into British Law without a referendum of the people. This is despite the overwhelming evidence that the Reform Treaty is to all intents and purposes the Constitution upon which we were promised the chance to have our say in a referendum. Parish Polls, while not binding in law, are a good way to show support for a particular issue. Parish Polls around the Country on the question of the EU Reform Treaty have overwhelmingly been in favour of letting the people have their say in a referendum.

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  1. Steve,
    Came across your blog whilst trying to get in touch with Michael Weatheritt. We have a radio programme on Lionheart, Alnwick's community radio station and we're potentially looking at interviewing all the councillors standing in Alnwick for the Northumberland CC. So we'd be interested in getting in touch.

    All this assumes that Michael is standing. I don't know if he is.