Friday, 23 November 2007

Lib/Lab/Con 80% identical so why does it matter which one you support?

So the former Lib-Dem Candidate for Hartlepool has defected to the Conservatives. Considering that Labour, Lib-Dem and Conservative policies on at least 80% of issues are identical I don’t see it makes much difference which one of the LIB/LAB/CON you support.

It’s rather like shopping for frozen food. Some people prefer one brand over another or even swear by a Supermarket own brand. In fact almost all frozen foods come from a small number of producers. The only difference in most cases is the name on the box. Marketing people use such tricks to give an appearance of choice to the consumer when it’s the same pap inside regardless of which one you buy. Smaller producers with a unique product never reach mass market because supermarkets won’t stock their product. Again similar to politics. Mass circulation newspapers and TV Channels are only interested in the LIB/LAB/CON and rarely report on smaller parties such as UKIP, which do have something different to say.

Therefore I’m not going to get excited over a defection from Lib-Dems to Tories, or any other defection amongst the big three parties. They are just a smokescreen anyway since all three of them are committed to the European Union project and all thee want to see this country ruled by Brussels Commissioners rather than elected members of our own parliament. So when you listen to the Lib/Lab/Con remember, they can say what they like but ultimately Brussels will decide what they do. The only real differences between the three are packaging, the content is the same.

Stephen Allison
UKIP Councillor
St.Hilda Ward
Hartlepool Unitary Authority

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