Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hartlepool's (Real) Heroes

It’s not often I agree with Hartlepool’s MP. His use of the Hartlepool Fishermen was a cynical ploy when he knows the European Union Common Fisheries Policy is what controls British Fishing. Similarly his protests about the closure of Hartlepool Hospital are hollow posturing when it is his party that is shutting the place. During the 2004 by-election the Labour Party made promise after promise about the Hospital, all of course forgotten once the votes were counted. If Hartlepool’s MP had any integrity he would resign over the hospital services being cut.

However, I must agree with him about Remembrance Sunday. Looking at the row upon row of names of Hartlepool men and women who have given their lives for this country always makes me feel humble and proud.

There is currently a move in the town to name new streets after Hartlepool’s Heroes. I appreciate that some people within the Civic Centre seem to think the only thing that matters is the football club and its supporters but to me the term “Hartlepool’s Heroes” would be much better assigned to those men and women whose names are carved into the war memorials, rather than to professional footballers.

How about naming the streets after the men and women of Britain's armed forces, merchant marine, and supporting services who really did give their all for us. That would show real remembrance rather than just putting on a poppy for a few hours every year!

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