Thursday, 25 October 2007

You can't do right for doing wrong

As a Councillor there is one thing I can guarantee. No matter what I do or say it will please some people while at the same time causing others to curse my name and tell me they will never vote for me again. You can't do right for doing wrong is a common phrase in my home.
It therefore made me smile to read some recent advice regarding home security. I have only just got the hang of going round turning everything off, unplugging the TV and anything else that could be left on standby, switching off unnecessary lights and ensuring I conserve as much energy as possible. My carbon footprint has been getting smaller ever day. However, I am now being urged to leave lights on when I go out to fool burglars into thinking someone is at home. It's not so long ago that a radio playing was also considered a good idea, although the Fire Brigade were not too keen on electrical appliances being left switched on in empty homes.
So do I switch off, stop wasting electricity and reduce my carbon footprint or do I light up, switch on and try to deter burglars (who are very unlikely to be fooled anyway). Its a dilemma! How do I do right without doing wrong?

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