Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Anti Social Behaviour

The Cleveland Police meeting was tonight (See my Comment from 8th September) and well over 50 people turned up (We know it was over 50 because as part of the presentation everyone got to vote on various questions using X Factor style hand held units that immediately collated the results. Unfortunately there were only 50 sets available and so they ran out before everyone could have one).

Hartlepool Borough Council were represented by the Chairman of the Council, who also chaired the question and answer session that was the conclusion of the meeting. There were also a smattering of Councilors but hardly a full turn out. The Mayor was conspicuous by his absence but then as was pointed out Pools were playing at home so lets face it he needs to get his priorities right and it is the Hartlepool United Supporters Vote that gets him elected.

Key issue the public voted on was Anti Social behaviour, no change from last year. However, despite some criticism think Neighbourhood Policing is the way to go and I hope the Government don't decide on yet another review and change of direction. Change for sake of change isn't always good!

So an interesting night with innovative use of technology but a poor turn out by Hartlepool's elected representatives. The Town's MP was there for some of the meeting but had to leave early to go onto another engagement. Important to be seen though, especially with a possible early election in the offing.

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