Monday, 22 October 2007


According to recent reports the public are going to be allowed to choose site for the new North Tees Hospital. The government no doubt hope everyone will be so grateful they will forget about assurances the existing Hospitals were safe and wouldn’t be closing.

The promise of choice reminded me of discussions with my partner about our holiday destination. “I don’t mind” she said “You chose” I chose the Greek Islands. The response of my better half ”Greek Islands, I’ve heard some dodgy things about them BUT if you are REALLY SURE then it’s your choice.”

I took the hint. Next choice Bulgaria; went there a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. The response, “Bulgaria, AGAIN! Wouldn’t you rather try somewhere different, but it’s your choice.”

Third “Choice” Dominican Republic, somewhere new and a bit more exotic than usual. The response” The Dominican Republic, it’s a long flight and you know airline seats hurt my back, but if you don’t mind me being in agony 12 hours each way then go ahead. It’s your choice”

At this point I asked if she had anywhere in mind. “How about Malta” she said, “I’ve always wanted to go there”. So we’re off to Malta, it was my choice!

I suspect the public’s choice of new hospital site will be something similar. The government finding reasons why sites suggested are unsuitable until the public choose the one the government had already decided upon before any of the consultation started. However, the public will then be told “It was your choice!”

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