Friday, 27 August 2010


Thank you to all the UKIP members who voted for me for the NEC. My first meeting is on September 2nd. Full result will follow tomorrow, but here are the seven first places.

Steve Allison 2275
George Curtis 1849
Hugh Williams 1748
Jill Seymour 1696
Mick McGough 1604
Elizabeth Burton 1548
Julia Reid 1491


  1. Hey well done Steve - you won an election! Good thing there wasn't anyone called John Marshall in the race aye?? Plus you do live in the UK so I guess you qualify! Are you going to go for leader and thereby complete Ukip's electoral journey? Up the workers!

  2. Steve - have read about absence figures on HTH and I know it was something you always challenged when you were on the council!! Is anyone gonna ask about it this year - can you ask one of your former colleagues to ask a question or something at council. There is a meeting this week I think?