Monday, 9 August 2010

A bit of a sore back!

One of the results of installing the pipework for my ground source heat pump has been a sore back brought on by overdoing the shovelling and spreading of sand bedding for the coils in the base of the trenches. The mild sounding "sore back" actually describes a condition that has been going on now for nearly three weeks and at more than one point saw me actually crying with the pain. So much so that I was even taking pain killers that Sandra had left over after her hysterectomy! A trip to the Chiropractor provided some relief and I'm going to the Osteopath on Wednesday to see if he can help. Unfortunately the only cure appears to be time and even though the thought of spending a month laid flat on my back sounds very enticing I just don't have the time to do it.

My inquisitive nature and access to google search has enabled me to find out a bit more about back problems. Lower back problems are very common in the UK and were regarded as just one of those things we would all probably suffer from at some time in our lives. The problem is so widespread as to not even be regarded as an illness needing treatment. In any year around seventeen million people in Britain experience back pain or lower backache and the UK government spends two thousand million pounds on paying benefits to people with backache and the UK National Health Service spends another five hundred million pounds on their treatment.

Now I'm going to lay on the floor and stretch a bit! Ah the pain! but I'm a man so I'll just suffer in silence, stoic and uncomplainingly!

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