Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Which party is ukip closest to?

I have been following a very interesting debate on another message board about "What is UKIP" and which of the main parties is it closest too. The exchange has been spoilt somewhat by one idiot who seems to think insults are a substitute for reasoned debate. However that is a usual tactic of the losing side, if you can't win the argument just resort to accusing the other contributions of being racists!

Anyway, UKIP has its own policies and its own views. It is definitely noticeable that UKIP was ahead of the curve on many things. Nuclear Power for example which UKIP has supported for many years and which is now Labour and Tory Policy. Controlled immigration which UKIP also advocated for many years and which is now accepted by Labour, Lib-Dems and Tories, (they of course want controlled NONE EU Immigration but UKIP just want controlled immigration), and now the re-introduction of Technical Schools, which was also part of the UKIP pro-grammar school policy, has been advocated by the Tories. So it's difficult to pigeon hole UKIP as right/centre/left since UKIP has elements of them all. Basically UKIP want what's best for Britain and don't care whether that is left/right/centre ideas, there are no bad ideas, its putting them into practise that's the problem. The European Union wasn't a bad idea, it was a great idea as a free trade block, a "Common Market" as it was originally sold to the people of the UK, I am myself 100% behind that. However, what that common market has grown into is an example of a bad implementation of a good idea! The European Union is not what I signed up to when we went into the Common Market!

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