Saturday, 8 May 2010

Thank You

I would like to express my thanks for the residents of St.Hilda Ward who voted for me in the elections of 6th May. It was a great privilege to serve the ward as your Councillor for 8 years.

The residents of the ward have decided, as is their democratic right, that they feel they would be better served by having a Labour Party Councilor as their representative rather than continuing with me.

To those residents of the ward who have asked if I will be back then I will never say “never” but I’m afraid it is very unlikely. I will miss the opportunity to be of service to the residents of St.Hilda Ward and I am actually quite flattered that the Labour Party felt they had to employ such Machiavellian tactics against me, plus they had to enlist the help of the Tories to ensure my defeat.

I do find it ironic that despite close family ties to St.Hilda Ward going back several generations and having my business based there for over 25 years I faced almost constant criticism from certain quarters for not living in the ward. The new Councillor Marshal doesn’t live in the ward, works in Peterlee and is married to the Labour Councilor for Rossmere. What actual connection does he have with St.Hilda Ward? (Other than sharing a name with one of the other ward councilors of course?)

I wish Labour Councillor John Marshall every success in his political career with the Labour party and hope he can put the people of the ward ahead of his Labour Party loyalty. I would however just like to offer him one small piece of advice.

The next time Councillor Marshall is quoted in the Hartlepool Mail he should not say he is looking forward to doing his best for the people of the Headland. As the Ward Councillor he should know that parts of Powlet Road and West View, Bakers Mead and Central Estate are also in ST.HILDA Ward, not just the Headland!


  1. Stephen, I am so sorry you lost that election. Those people who deserted you will now find out just what they've lost.
    "You won't know what you've got 'til it's gone"
    Now you can devote time to your smashing family - and yourself.
    My very best wishes to you, my friend. x

  2. Cheers Steve!

  3. HBC has lost one of it's best Councillors.

    Labour party, bunch right pack of c*nts

  4. Perhaps it was the description of your birthday present that did it?