Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Mind, body and spirit fair

The programme promised Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Healing, Hopi Ear Candling and a series of talks by practitioners in many of these alternative arts. It all seemed too good to miss, so my Sunday morning was spent at the Hall Garth Hotel, Darlington, at their Mind, body and spirit fair.

When I arrived the whole place was lit by candles. I thought it was very atmospheric. “Unfortunately not,” announced the organiser, Sheila Wren. “It’s a power cut. Everywhere is off. We’ll just have to carry on as best we can.”

The lack of electricity was seriously inhibiting the activities of Nina Hall, the Aura Photographer, who had no power for her camera. However, just as I was walking past the table the lights came back on. It was a sign. I had to have my aura photographed.

My aura turned out to indicate I was going through a major change in my life. My right hand side was predominately orange indicating I was brave, positive and strong. Above my head to the left was white, indicating I was a bit lost. Below the white was blue just shading to green. Caring, sensitive, loyal and moving on through awareness. However, I wasn’t to be concerned “Your Grandfather is with you,” Nina reassured me. “I saw him as soon as you came into the room.” This apparently is very good, my Grandfather was my Spirit Guide and he was taking me on a good journey to a better place.

My aura safely captured I decided next on the agenda should be a more physical need. It was time for my ear candling. This was carried out by a very friendly and chatty lady called Jenny. The ear candling was fairly soothing and after it was completed Jenny opened the unburnt end of the candle to show me what the “chimney effect” had pulled from deep within my ear. A respectable amount of wax and assorted debris had been purged from within my head.

Now my chakras were calling out to be aligned. Reike therapy was the only answer. It seemed to consist of lying on my back and the Reike Master placing her hands on my chakra points, starting with the head and moving down my body to finish at my feet. I am apparently quite a well balanced person.

Moving on. I met my colonic therapist, Tania, who was there as an exhibitor. Surely not demonstrating colonic irrigation? Who would volunteer for that? I need not have worried; she was there to carry out food sensitivity and allergy testing.

I rounded off the day with an Indian Head Massage and then listened to Jo Smyth, a very perky lady, who spoke about the Law of Attraction in Action; Real Stories of Manifesting Health, Wealth and Happiness.

We can chose to be Tigger, full of enthusiasm and bounce; Eeyore, convinced nothing good can ever happen; or even Piglet, knowing that good things happen, just not to us; but the character we all should aspire to be is Winnie the Pooh, knowing that good things will happen to us, because we deserve them, and everything will be right in the end.

Driving home I pondered on the meaning of it all. My aura had been photographed and cleansed, both my ears fully candled, my chakras balanced and my head massaged. It was definitely a different way of spending a Sunday. Had this all made me into a bear of very little brain? Was I in my Pooh place?

The Mind, body and spirit fair cost £3 for admission. The prices for the individual treatments started from £5 for an Indian Head massage taster session and then went up from there.

The next mind body spirit fair will be in Staithes, North Yorkshire on 19th June 2010. Details available online at www.butterflyhealingspirit.com

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